Heavy Duty ULV Disinfectant Fogger - High Power

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Product Overview

If you need a reliable fogger to disinfect your space, consider our Heavy Duty Fogger. This model is an Ultra Light Volume (ULV) Cold Fogger. ULV Foggers are very effective for the application of disinfectants, pesticides, and mold and mildew control.  

This model provides a high volume of air, however producing adjustable aerosol microns of moisture content, this will provide the user the ability to evenly apply the solution to a multitude of surfaces.  

Designed for large spaces, including outdoor use, this fogger comes with adjustable output, so that the user can determine how much of the solution is emitted. The Heavy Duty Fogger is perfect for gyms, offices, bowling alleys, entertainment centers, salons, retail, clinics, and a lot more. Higher spaces are covered as well as this fogger can project solution up to 32 feet! If your space is in excess of 2500 square feet, this would be an excellent choice.

Requires: Disinfectant Fogging Liquid (sold separately)

-  Heavy duty, 1250 W motor
- 101 oz capacity
- Coverage: 16 - 32 feet
- Weight: 6.6 lbs (empty) 
- 19 foot electrical cord

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How quickly does it dry after a fogging?

Assuming that the fogging has been done correctly and that the surface has not been over saturated, the recommended time to let it sit is about 10-15 minutes. This will allow the disinfectant ample time to kill, as well as dry (if any areas have been over-saturated).
How often should I disinfect using a fogging machine? 
Disinfectant fogging is not a replacement for everyday disinfection and should be viewed as a supplement to using Roxton Wipes for more frequent disinfection. Fog can reach areas that a wipe cannot, and can save hours of time when doing an "end of the day" disinfection. 
Do I need to use PPE? 
No - the disinfectant solution is non-toxic and is harmless to humans, plants, animals, and aquatic life. 
Will it leave a residue or discolor surfaces? 
It is not known to discolor or leave a residue. If you are unsure, please use a small test area to determine if any issues are going to arise from using a fogger.  


If your electronic fogger fails to operate due to manufacturer defective within 90 days of purchasing, please ship it back to us prepaid. We will review the product and determine if we need to repair or replace the unit. The product will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Roxton Industries.

Return policy:

If you are not satisfied with your Heavy Duty ULV Fogger, please ship it back to Roxton Industries prepaid within 10 days of delivery. All original packaging and instructional information must be included in order to receive a refund equal to the purchase price. 

*Disinfectant liquid is non-refundable.*



(No reviews yet) Write a Review