Nano Atomizer Handheld Dry Fogger

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Product Overview

The Nano Atomizer produces a dry fog making it perfect for households, hair salons, barbers, dental offices, medical clinics, vehicles, and much more.

Imagine being able to augment your regular cleaning and disinfecting thoroughly, quickly, and efficiently disinfect your gym, home, or office without the tiresome labor. No rinsing required, and safe for kids, plants, and pets! 

Requires: Disinfectant Fogging Liquid (sold separately)

  • Thermal fogger (dry application)
  • 1300 watts
  • White durable construction
  • Spray distance of 5 - 13 feet
  • 11.8 oz capacity
  • Net weight of 3.35 lbs.
  • Can disinfect approx. 60 square feet before refill





(No reviews yet) Write a Review